Monday, February 20, 2012

Jumpstarting spring into Easter

I retrieved my bunny from the garage last week. I used it as the main focus to my table scape on by dining table through early spring through early summer for years. When we moved, the house was smaller and I packed it away.
Last week I decided I wanted to decorate it with it again. I also want to bring the vintage table I have in the den back into the great room, but Rob is working much overtime and will not be able to do it for several weeks. So I have to make do.
The bunny is sitting on the vintage side table with a bunny and some birds and some stuff I pulled from here and there. I am going to buy a small pot of daisies today to put in his cabbage pot. Now he has some plain and beaded eggs, You can click on the picture and get more detail.
This is the coffee table. I am pleased with it, although one of my friends thinks it might be a bit over done. Me doing something over done???? Nah not me.


  1. Love it and wish I could do something like it as well. However, we have so much "stuff" related to therapy around I have decided to use that as my temporary decor. Constantly moving things around. Seriously you have such a nice touch with things like this. I haven't seen the rabbit before and he is awesome. Love you

  2. You are so ready! I am not and may never be. It is enough just to keep things picked up around here. I have always admired your decorating sense. You rock! I am noticing a lot of pink around here it a favorite color? ~Kelly

  3. Thanks Kelly, I am moving away from the darker greens and reds and into the lighter greens and pinks going into the cherry reds. It has lightened my mood and my outlook is brighter. George is loving it as well or maybe his color blindness just doesn't notice. But he says he has noticed the changes and he likes them. Which is always a good thing.