Saturday, March 31, 2012

Found a table that I just love

and will be perfect for the great room. I worry that I don't have a set look. I have a traditional look, merged with some cottage details with a little bit of country and some global accents. I guess I am eclectic. It kind of fits my personality. One day no jewelry and the next day I dazzle with bling. But back to the table. I fell in the love with this table online on a website called RSH. I like the lines of the table. I like there is a bit of storage. I love decorating magazines and now there will be storage for them and a drawer for the remotes and for my nook. It will fit better between the sofa and the chair. It is a raspberry color which I just love. The best part is that George will see a muddy red and even if people will tell him that it is raspberry which I surely will, he will still see raspberry because that is what raspberries look like to him.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rain rain go away

It has been raining the past few days. And more rain is fore casted for the new few days. Thankfully the lighter colors I have been changing over in my house are still a big help in boosting my spirits and George's as well. I was worried about the colors I was introducing especially the pink, but I forgot how comfortable George is with his manhood and oh the fact that he is color blind does help as well, I found another bird cage this week at Ross. So I decided to do another display. I am starting to love doing birdcages, they are so easy to find small things that suit your fancy. I have some tiny ones and I am going to put some chocolates in them and give them to some friends for Easter. Maybe one chocolate bunny and a few chocolate eggs. Here is the one I did for me.