Monday, February 20, 2012

Jumpstarting spring into Easter

I retrieved my bunny from the garage last week. I used it as the main focus to my table scape on by dining table through early spring through early summer for years. When we moved, the house was smaller and I packed it away.
Last week I decided I wanted to decorate it with it again. I also want to bring the vintage table I have in the den back into the great room, but Rob is working much overtime and will not be able to do it for several weeks. So I have to make do.
The bunny is sitting on the vintage side table with a bunny and some birds and some stuff I pulled from here and there. I am going to buy a small pot of daisies today to put in his cabbage pot. Now he has some plain and beaded eggs, You can click on the picture and get more detail.
This is the coffee table. I am pleased with it, although one of my friends thinks it might be a bit over done. Me doing something over done???? Nah not me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pretty little flowers for my birthday

Yesterday,I came home to find a pretty little teapot sitting on my coffee table with pretty miniature roses and carnations and zinnias and other flowers I did not recognize from a dear friend who was out of town and did not want to miss my birthday. The picture will not indicate that the flowers are miniature but you need to know that the teapot is smaller than a normal coffee cup.
My daughter was at the house at the time and so she signed for them and put them on the table. She later asked if I thought they were from her Dad. I told her no, it never crossed my mind. Not that he hasn't sent me flowers in the past, but he would never in a million, zillion years have chosen such a feminine sweet bouquet such as this one.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kathy getting ready for spring part 2

I changed out my entry way table and couldn't figure out how to edit it. But this is the new look, and so Kelly and Nadine if you would like to share your input on improving it I would love to read your feedback.  Notice the bling I added to the rabbit.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting ready for spring

I decided to chase away winter and embrace Spring. Even though the weather has been very cold in the mornings and getting into the warm 50's maybe into the 60's it is cold to this lifetime Californian. I have started with the entry table. I got rid of the winter warm colors of red and green and embraced the icy spring colors that have haunted us as we enter the beginnings of Spring. I am loving the vintage look of mercury glass and will be adding pink and green soon, as well as some birds I recently purchased in silver. I bought a little silver pug dog to add to the collection but for reasons I do not want to share now, it broke my husbands heart so I am putting it away for now.