Thursday, August 25, 2011

My life is a dog's world and I want out.

I am trying a way to figure out how to keep them off the furniture and George's solution was to purchase new dog beds. He was so happy when he walked in with two new dog beds from the grocery store. They were to be for the smaller dogs. His thought was to put them on the furniture and gradually we would put them on the floor. Uhhh no, I said, that would be a big no. I want them off the furniture.
But he felt his plan was a sound one. So for two days the beds sat on two chairs with the small dogs ignoring them and Daisy happily sitting in them, her body overflowing the bed with most of her body taking up the room on the chair defeating the reason for the beds. So I put the beds on the floor which is where they needed to be, not on the furniture. This is what I woke up to.

And thanks Latte and you didn't like the bed.