Monday, December 24, 2012

Ugly Christmas sweater cake

I saw this cake off of pinterest and printed out a picture of it. I gave the picture to my daughter and she gave it to her friend that decorates cakes. Not only did she pull it off the cake was absolutely delicious. I will have her friend make more speciality cakes in the future. This is more of a close up of the cake. We celebrated Christmas yesterday and it was a fun day and evening. I got up a little too early and faded early but it was joy for all the kids to be there and Zach was a sweet polite little boy who hugged everyone and thanked them for each gift he opened without prompting from Mom.


  1. I already wrote this but will try again. I love the sweater cake. Hate to admit this but there was once a sweater very like this cake. Ouch!! I had a great time looking through recent posts and sorry I haven't looked for awhile. You are good at this! You can tell Zack I love the present he made for his mom. He can make me something anytime.
    I love and miss you. Take care and I promise to keep in touch more.

  2. What a crack up! Aubrey said it looks great. We are missing you. ~Kelly