Saturday, March 31, 2012

Found a table that I just love

and will be perfect for the great room. I worry that I don't have a set look. I have a traditional look, merged with some cottage details with a little bit of country and some global accents. I guess I am eclectic. It kind of fits my personality. One day no jewelry and the next day I dazzle with bling. But back to the table. I fell in the love with this table online on a website called RSH. I like the lines of the table. I like there is a bit of storage. I love decorating magazines and now there will be storage for them and a drawer for the remotes and for my nook. It will fit better between the sofa and the chair. It is a raspberry color which I just love. The best part is that George will see a muddy red and even if people will tell him that it is raspberry which I surely will, he will still see raspberry because that is what raspberries look like to him.

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