Thursday, November 24, 2011

I decided to do my Christmas decorating early

I also have done all my Christmas shopping and will wrap this weekend. Kristi did a lot of the decorating for me and I will first post the pictures that she did. She did a great job, and I pass the crown on to her.
She did other decorating but the light wasn't good and I couldn't get good pictures. But will share them in a later blog. Isn't she amazing? This is the decorating I did. I did the dolls and some small trees. I did the dining nook, and the hall bathroom. And I added some Christmas birds to my bird table.I also did the snow people.


  1. Boy everything looks so nice. I only had a small tree and used somewhat generic decorations. I only have so much energy and most of that is directed towards home therapy. Also an occasional pity party, the only guests being myself. I do get over it for awhile and then try it out again. it's a cycle. I hope you are doing well. We have a misunderstanding about contact. You can call me almost any time. I will tell you iof I need to call you back. I miss you

  2. It has been so long since you have been here. I am sure Mom will see your note that you left for me today. You are in my thoughts each and every day. I love, love, love you! ~Kelly