Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't you just love these?

The last one I can afford $65.00, the top one is $440.00 (my favorite) and the second one $299.00 are only in my dreams. They are all available at Horchow.


  1. So pretty! Wow, those are some pretty price tags as well. I am missing you and loving my turquoise purse - I use it quite a bit and Libby is jealous so it must be cool. Thank you! Wish you were here - so much. I love you, Kelly

  2. Well, I like birds as well and the pieces you have found are gorgeous. However if you try to shop Horchow you are bound to find yourself in over your head as I have consistently found over the years. I am missing you and thinking of you both hoping for good news. I am happy to know about the possibility you will have a medicine that will work for George.

    get the rug. Really pretty an I don't think you will be sorry. Love you Nadine