Saturday, May 11, 2013

Losing someone you love

The past few weeks have been difficult. I lost my husband to cancer on April 8Th. You think you are prepared but of course you never are. He was a good father and my children would have made him proud with the beautiful eulogies they spoke at his service. I still have not gone through his clothes, it is just too hard. But thankfully I have family and friends that have been very supportive. I plan on visiting my sister next week in Missouri for a 3 week stay. I hope you can stand me that long. We spoke about our travels towards the end. All the cruises we have been on and trips to Europe and how lucky and blessed we did our traveling in our 40's and 50's and a couple trips in our 60's, and how good it was that we did it then instead of waiting for retirement. I have those happy memories that will hold me my lifetime. Here is a picture of him when we were in Arizona visiting our youngest son Greg.

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  1. Of course you could never overstay your welcome. I can hardly wait to pull you close and hold you tight. Just want you to know how very much you are wanted. Come soon, Nadine